Grape Festival

Now’s the time to get ready for Fall and the upcoming Halloween celebrations. Below, find 10 fun Fall facts about wine, some spooky, some not!

10 Facts About Grape Harvest Festivals

Wine grape harvest festivals have been around as long as humans have made wine. A good harvest festival allows everyone to relax after the hard work is done. 

  1. The historical Dionysia Festival was dedicated to Dionysis/Bacchus: the god of everything wine, harvest, festivals (Bacchanalia), and insanity (bonus!). The goal of his harvest parties was releasing fear, suffering, and worry, while promoting moderation and joy.
  2. Halloween originates from Celtic festivals celebrating the end of harvest. What a great time to make a delicious, warm spiced wine to pair with your candy or a savory meal.
  3. The famous German beer festival, Oktoberfest, serves wine, particularly the German sparkling wine, sekt.
  4. Niagara Grape & Wine Festival in St. Catharines, Ontario, is Canada’s largest Fall wine festival.
  5. Festival of Grapes takes place in the Village of Silver Creek, New York, and has been running since the 1960s.
  6. Carlton Crush Harvest Festival, Carlton, Oregon, features a Team Grape Stomp competition.
  7. At the Olympic Peninsula Harvest Wine and Cider Tour, Olympic Peninsula, Washington, guests partake of local wine and cider while communing with nature.
  8. The Fredericksburg Food and Wine Fest, Fredericksburg, Texas, features the Great Gargantuan Grape Toss and Texas wine, beer, food, and music.
  9. Harvest parties, some with grape stomping events, appear anywhere wine grapes are harvested.

While having nothing to do with wine, we must include Día de los Muertos, Mexico’s famous Day of the Dead celebration. Start a new tradition by toasting the dead with a delicious Mexican wine.

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