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Now’s the time to get ready for Fall and the upcoming Halloween celebrations. Below, find 10 fun Fall facts about wine, some spooky, some not!

10 Freaky Wine Facts for Halloween

  1. Ancient Babylon: Winemaking and brewing goddess Siduri taught men visiting her tavern about the pleasures of sex and alcohol. Very busy in the Fall.
  2. Ancient Greece: Wine with bubbles = evil. NOT.
  3. Ancient Rome: Wine without seasoning = bad. Tasty seasonings included garlic, absinthe, or lead. People, don’t season the wine.
  4. Vietnam: Cobra blood tops a shot glass of rice wine. Ask for the cobra’s heart on top just for fun.
  5. Fortune-telling came from the Irish and was used to help women find a mate. Fall hormones = babies. 
  6. Today you can watch a different Halloween-themed movie every night. Try a new wine with each one.
  7. Google searches for wine increase in October and on into the holidays. No surprise.
  8. Wisconsin serves up a Halloween-themed spiced wine called “Hallowine” made from apples and meant to be served warm. Marketing.
  9. On average, adults drink at least two drinks on Halloween. Moderation, people.
  10. Champagne and wine are the top alcoholic beverages for the Fall and Winter holidays. Stock up with something nice.

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