• 5 Health Benefits of Wine by Big Hammer Wines, Wine Expert

    I’m sure that nearly everyone has heard the old trope that having a glass of wine with dinner is good for your heart. There is plenty of research that has been done on the various effects of wine on human health. Most of these show a correlation between wine consumed in moderation and positive health outcomes. A large portion of the research is focused on a compound called resveratrol, an antioxidant that naturally occurs in red grape skin, and how it affects different cell functions. Here are 5 potential health benefits of drinking red wine in moderation.


    Cardiovascular Health

    This study has shown a potential link between red wine consumption and a lower risk of Coronary Heart Disease. The study attributes much of this benefit to changes in lipid profiles, a reduction of Insulin resistance, and an increase of good cholesterol in the bloodstream.


    Wine May Reduce Cancer Incidents

    Red wine has high levels of Resveratrol, and when this compound was added to human cancer cells, it has shown evidence to block a cancer aiding protein that plays a key role in cancer growth. This meta-study accumulated data from a variety of studies that have shown a positive influence of wine, grapes, and resveratrol on diminishing cancer growth. The conclusion to the study emphasizes that the in vitro studies dominate the data set and there does need to be more research done in vivo to make a definitive conclusion.


    Gut Health

    This study showed a link between red wine consumption and an overall gut health increase. Showcasing higher levels of prebiotics that help improve overall healthy gut bacteria. The healthy gut is also correlated with other positive health signals.


    Shown to Be Beneficial in Those With Type 2 Diabetes

    For similar reasons as the improvements in cardiovascular health, drinking red wine has shown to be beneficial in small quantities for those with type 2 diabetes. This study showed resveratrol caused a reduction in insulin resistance and an increase in therapeutic effects of specific diabetes prescriptions. Additionally, modest amounts of ethanol has been shown to play a role in metabolizing sugars.


    Blood Pressure

    Resveratrol the antioxidants present in red wine has shown a positive correlation with an increase of HDL (good) cholesterol and reduced blood pressure. You do have to watch how much you are drinking because you may end up negating your positive impacts from the Resveratrol by taking in too much alcohol and thus increase your blood pressure.

    *This is not medical advice, we are in no way qualified to advise anyone on their medical decisions. We suggest that you consult with your doctor for decisive medical decisions.


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  • Insider Secrets 2021: Not the Same 7 Wine Trends to Watch

    Every year, you can read gads of wine trends lists that mostly share the same predictions. At Case-by-Case Wines, we have our own take on what the trends will be this year.

    wine trend celebration fun


    Everyone’s ready to break out of isolation and celebrate a return to public spaces with actual human beings. So many of us have postponed important events or had low-key gatherings. Once we reach the point where we can go out into the world, we’re going to celebrate! We’ll get together with our friends to drink the special bottles we’ve been saving. We’ll toast to fresh air and human contact with bottles of sparkling Rose, Piquette, and Pet-Nat. We’ll plan weddings, birthday parties, and more. Put the light reds on ice, chill down the wine seltzers, and let the parties begin!

    wine trend travel


    Our desire to travel remains behind bars. But 2021 will bring some steps towards travel freedom as the vaccine spreads more widely. We’ll start by driving to local tasting rooms or to a favorite local wine bar to enjoy in-person outdoor wine tastings. Later in the year, we may drive to a neighboring state to sample what they’re pouring. Or take a short flight to Texas, Missouri, Arizona, or New York State to learn what the buzz is about. If travel doesn’t materialize as we hope, we’ll see virtual wine tours (see below.) Cheers!

    wine trend digital wine events

    Digital Wine Events

    During 2020, the wine world went digital in a big way by necessity. Everyone knows Zoom now. Online wine events will continue in 2021, especially if travel doesn’t materialize. In that case, online events will get more creative and engaging. We don’t want the same events we had last year. Look for virtual wine tours and tastings, personalized private tastings for wine club members, or interactive tasting events that add in games, music, or art. Vino-tainment will take-off this year!

    wine trend diversity


    2021 will be the year we put our dollars where our voices are. We’re going to support Women-, African-American-, Asian-, and Latin-owned wine companies. From wineries to small retail shops, we’ll seek out minority-owned businesses. Search out a local tasting room or an online sommelier who lost their job in 2020. Ask for minority-owned wines at your local restaurants. Donate money to minority-owned distributors or importers. Don’t just talk about it. Take action!

    wine trend online shopping

    Online Wine Shopping

    Our online wine shopping habits created in 2020 will continue and even grow, no matter what happens this year. Instead of buying mediocre wine at the grocery store, we learned we could buy much better wine online for a bit more money. Shopping online allowed us to find wines we couldn’t find locally. We could compare prices. We saved money buying by the case. And we didn’t have to lug heavy bottles home from the store. Keep on clicking!

    wine trend food


    While 2020 destroyed our ability to eat out at our favorite restaurants, it did force us to improve our cooking at home. When we realized we could order fabulous wine delivered to our door, we started recreating restaurant experiences at home. We expect this trend to continue. But, some days, we want to take a break from cooking, so we’ll still order out for delivery and pickup. We should see more restaurants adding canned wine, half-bottles, and low- or no-alcohol options.

    wine trend specific wines

    Specific Wines

    Portugal and Rose Prosecco seem to be on most 2021 wine trends lists. But, we see more interesting options, such as Jura and South West France, plus Austria. These wines offer surprising quality and value. Vermouth’s versatility will make it the ideal wine in 2021. Given the difficult conditions the Australian wine industry faces, expansion in the U.S. will be a priority. We should see more of these incredible wines at more affordable prices. Ditto South Africa if the government sets them free.

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