how to buy wine

How do you choose the wine you buy? Case by Case Wine looks at some of the factors people use when buying wine. We offer a few tips and tricks to make your wine experience better, less expensive, and less stressful.

how most people buy wine

How Most People Buy Wine

It’s Friday afternoon, and you start thinking about the weekend. Then you realize you don’t have any wine at home, so you stop at your local grocery store to pick up a few bottles.

The parking lot is packed. You find the only space available at the far side of the lot. Getting out of the car, you see sprinkles of rain on your windshield. Great! You grab your mask, an umbrella, and a reusable grocery bag, then head to the entrance.

Once inside, you head to the wine section at the other end of the store. One entire aisle is filled with bottles from top to bottom. OMG! You don’t have time to figure out which ones you want.

You know the ones at the bottom are rotgut, and the ones near the top are out of your budget. But you still have to choose from hundreds of wines.

Ok, you decide to get two bottles of white and two bottles of red because you don’t want to come back tomorrow. Which ones to choose?

You’ve heard of Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, so you head to those sections, but time is a-wasting. You don’t want to get stuck in rainstorm traffic.

You see a few bottles on the shelves you recognize, and you see a few with really cool labels. The cool label ones are on sale!

You grab two whites and two reds, stash them in your bag, then run to pick up a chicken in the deli, hoping they haven’t run out.

With the last chicken in hand, you get in line to pay, but you’ll be here for at least another five minutes.

While you run to your car in the rain, you’re asking yourself why you didn’t get the wine yesterday.

Some People Do This

Repeat the story above, but you’re at a liquor or big-box retail store. Instead of buying the bottles with the cool labels, you grab the wine bottles with the 90+ scores, adding them to your cart with a bottle of scotch or a six-pack of craft beer.

The End Result

After all the frustration of choosing, you get the wine home, open a bottle, and taste it. Ugh, this wasn’t what you wanted and certainly not worth what you paid.

A lot of aggravation, little difference in the result. You paid too much for too little value.

what you really want in wine

What You Really Want

Because of ever-expanding global competition, it’s a great time to be a wine lover, so how do you end up with such mediocre wine?

You might have noticed every grocery or liquor store sells the same wine. This lack of choice, grape varieties, and higher prices results from the industry’s consolidation along each of the three-tiers.

So, you get over-priced, mediocre wine, which isn’t going to change, but will likely get worse.

Because of COVID-19, many small wine shop owners and retailers will likely go out of business. It will be harder to find alternatives.

And the pandemic has reinforced what consumers are looking for but can’t find:

  • selection, taste, convenience, speed, value
  • fast, free delivery
  • a simple online selection process
  • good wine at fair prices
  • try different wines without risk
  • save time by having wine on hand without making extra trips

So, what’s the alternative?

the one tip you need in buying wine

The One Tip You Need

Want to know the one tip you need to get the wine experience you want?

Find a wine retailer you can trust!

The right wine professional will make recommendations for buying better wine while saving you money and time. They won’t force you into buying something you can’t afford or steer you only to highly rated wines.

Critics can’t drink every wine in the world, leaving many excellent and available wines without scores. You miss out on wines of great value, the overlooked gems.

Scores only matter if you like that style of wine, and, usually, buying based on the score ends up costing you more.

If you use crowd-sourced wine applications, you get recommendations based on the average of people who responded. But the recommended wine might not suit your style and preferences. You might hate it!

Even if you get on one of the thousands of mailing lists promising great, cheap wine, you probably have to buy 12 bottles. If you don’t like the wine once you get it, you’re stuck.

Maybe you buy from friends’ recommendations. One friend might like high-end wine and another, orange wine. You might not prefer either of these! Not everyone drinks the same wine. Some people don’t even drink wine.

Learn to make your own decisions through tasting and developing your unique palate with guidance from an expert.

Try Case by Case Wine

Drink better wine for less money!

We bring you wines that over-deliver at each price point, each one guaranteed delicious.

You’ll enjoy only the best fine wines, new and undiscovered wines, and values from around the world. With many wines rated 90+, even those without a rating will taste 90+.

On our online website, you have access to buy premium wine at near wholesale prices, including free delivery.

top 6 benefits of case by case wines

Top 6 Benefits

Case by Case Wines provides a better drinking experience through:

  1. making choice easy with curated selections of premium wines
  2. offering both domestic and international wines
  3. allowing your choice of red, mixed red & white, or red, white and rosé
  4. saving you time and money
  5. regularly rotating subscription cases, so you always try something new
  6. allowing you to repurchase your favorite bottles in any quantity from sister-site Big Hammer Wines

By exploring the world’s wines with us, you learn about wine, the people, and the regions.

Fine wine is one of life’s greatest pleasures. We want everyone to enjoy great wine and to never run out.

You’ll always have a great bottle of wine on-hand for a special moment, a birthday or an anniversary, or to enjoy at a weekend barbecue or with your Tuesday night wine dinner.

Add more joy to your life, reduce frustration, and share exceptional wines with your loved ones.

How it Works

Select your preferences. We’ll do the rest.

You get a curated wine subscription of our incomparable collection of wines delivered to your door as often as you choose.

Our pay-as-you-go model bills you according to your choices until you decide to cancel. No commitment. No hassle.

You choose:

Upgrade for a more extraordinary experience, earn points toward future orders, or create your case (coming soon.)

We take care of the rest.

More details:

  • Red-wine lovers receive the best-selling, most coveted, newly released, and top-shelf wines. 
  • All wines are sourced from the finest wine-producing regions of the world. 
  • If you prefer sweet wines, let us know.
  • Get $10 off when you refer friends.
  • Ask about our Wine Affiliate Program to earn commissions.

With such delightful wine, you’ll be in wine heaven, but if you receive one you don’t like, contact our amazing customer service team.

case by case wines

The Case is Made

Discover new wines and winemakers. Impress your friends without the work. Learn about fine wine, regions, vineyards, vintages, and style, all without leaving your home.

As you taste different wines with each delivery, you’ll start developing your palate and refining what you like.

We’re highly selective because of our passion for fine wine. We developed our expertise through tasting about 4,500 wines every year. Of those, only about 4% meet our high standards.

We excel at selling wine of $40 comparable value for under $20, because of our streamlined, low-cost business model, and our years of experience.

Our goal is to build trust with you. You deal directly with us, no salespeople or middlemen.

At last, a fair price for a great bottle of wine, delivered.

We are crushing the competition!

Enjoy an unparalleled experience starting with your first case.

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